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Over the past 20 years we have proven our worth to our clients by helping them close their real estate transactions.  We can help you too. It’s that simple.  We want to earn your trust and earn your business. 


Buying a property without a Realtor can be a daunting task

What is a FSBO you ask? A FSBO is a property that is For Sale By Owner. If there’s no realtor involved, you should hire an attorney to draft an offer to purchase for you, and go over the terms.


It’s important to understand that although you think you have an “agreement” it has to be committed to writing and signed by both parties. The Buyer makes a written offer, and presents it  to the Seller for signature (acceptance). Until all of the terms of the offer have been accepted by both parties you do not have a legally binding purchase and sales agreement. 

Attorney Clara Del Risco will draft your offer, and negotiate the terms of the agreement with the Seller.  Once you become our client, you will have a dedicated team member assigned to you that will help guide you through this exciting process. Our goal is to help you understand the process, and make it as pleasant as possible for you.


Selling a property in Florida without a Realtor can be a formidable task​

So you succeeded in finding a Buyer for your home without having to pay a real estate commission, now what?


The Buyer should hire an attorney and present that offer in writing to the Seller. Before you sign (accept) that offer you should seriously consider hiring someone to represent you. Someone to explain the terms of the offer and advise you through the process. 


Attorney Clara Del Risco can review and explain the offer to you, and help you negotiate the terms of said offer. In addition we will guide you through the entire process, clearing title, and handling any title objections for you.