Signing a Contract

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When a contract and/or title request comes into our office it is assigned to one of our bilingual paralegals. You will work with that same individual throughout the entire process. You will not be bounced around from person to person. 
Having the same individual fully dedicated to your closing avoids confusion, and allows us to establish a close working relationship with you, and cater to your specific needs. At Del Risco Law, we set ourselves apart from our competition by providing real estate services with a personal touch.

Del Risco Law’s friendly and knowledgeable staff members will be happy to answer your questions and provide an assistance along the way. With over 20 years of title, legal and real estate experience, our clients know that we are capable of closing their transactions. Over the course of many years, and thousands of transactions, our service and dedication have given Del Risco Law a base of happy clients that are loyal to our firm.

Since Del Risco Law is privately owned and operated by Attorney Clara Del Risco, she is always available to work on resolutions to issues that may come up during the mortgage or title process. We will always do our best to find solution.


We provide the Buyers and Sellers with a copy of the title commitment with ample time to review the document, and ask us any questions. Unlike some of our competitors we will not list a potential title problem as an exception in order to close your deal. We make sure you understand what is happening, and what risks if any are involved.